Shipyard or “Carnagio” is the true term of the common nautical language of Venetian origin. This term refers to segments of seashore within ports or bays that due to their smooth inclination serve for hauling and launching as well as parking for boats and yachts. Additionally, for under haul cleaning, painting and anti-fouling, caulking of wooden boats. The above term developed mainly in areas that were for a long time under Venetian influence.
The first shipyards were the large shipbuilding units found in Galaxidi, Syros and Poros. Next they developed in other parts of Greece, islands like Aegina and in the port of Piraeus, the area called Perama.


Aegina is the Island closest to the port of Piraeus, 18 nautical miles away or one hour by boat. From the picturesque port of Aegina and following the coastal road to Souvala, in 4 kilometers you reach KAVOUROPETRA and our shipyard. If you come by boat the distance from Piraeus from Piraeus is 11 miles. The area where our Shipyard is located is perfectly protected and you will immediately feel comfortable and at home. Here’s the place to trust for parking or repairing your boat or yacht.


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